Recycled Soles - A step towards a brighter future

05 January 2021

Recycled Soles - A step towards a brighter future

Recycled Soles - A step towards a brighter future

We have always been committed to a strategy of continuous improvement, seeking to preserve the artisanal techniques and know-how of our industry while integrating the latest technology in our processes. This approach allows us not only to present unique and exclusive designs, but also to incorporate new materials with less environmental impact and reduce industrial waste.

The use of fully or partially recycled soles is another step forward in our journey to become a more sustainable brand and company. Plastic waste is recycled and incorporated into the soles of our shoes and sneakers, giving them a colorful and unique look. In addition to the environmental advantages, recycled soles also have exclusive aesthetics, since we cannot reproduce the way in which recycled particles are mixed.

We continue our search for new materials and responsible alternatives that allow us to continuously create more sustainable products.

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