Social Responsibility | Fraterna Donation

31 March 2024

Social Responsibility | Fraterna Donation

Social Responsibility | Fraterna Donation

Social responsibility is one of the fundamental pillars of Ambitious, not only in what regards our team of about 200 passionate people but society at large.

As a leading player in the footwear industry in Guimar„es, we are constantly looking for ways to give back to the city we call home.

Earlier this month, we teamed up with Fraterna, a local social institution with strong intervention in the areas of child support in education, elderly home care and overall social inclusion. Through its numerous actions, Fraterna aims to promote social equality and the development of the local community in a fair, solidary way.

We donated several deadstock clothing items from our capsule collection that will be given to people in need and hopefully make them feel more confident and motivated. We were joined by Dra Paula Oliveira, President of the Fraterna Boardfrom (Representative of Guimar„es City Council) and Dra Manuela Silva, Executive Director of Fraterna.

Here's a throwback to that unique moment.


Fraterna Donation


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