Meet The Team

17 April 2024



Today, we will take you on a journey through time and experience as we sit down with one of our remarkable Ambitious team members.

Meet Frederico, our cutting department supervisor and part of our team for over 30 years. ⁠A prime example of passion, perseverance, attitude and ambition.⁠ Frederico embodies many qualities that comprise our DNA. During these 30 years, he has been both a teacher and student, exchanging knowledge and helping us achieve new heights with unparalleled will and an adamant attitude. A toast to you Frederico! May we count many more years with you on board!⁠

Who are you? Tell us a bit about your story: where were you born, what were the values you grew up with, and how do you apply them in life in general and specifically in your work.

Hello, I'm Frederico. I'm from Guimar„es, and I grew up valuing the essential for well-being: respect, sharing, cooperation,... I believe that if we accept differences and know how to make the most of each other's strengths, we can move closer to perfection

Tell us your story, Fred. How did you enter the footwear sector, and what has been your journey over the years at Ambitious?

I entered the footwear sector through an invitation from one of the company's partners. At Ambitious, I started by doing a bit of everything, both in sewing and cutting. Through hard work, effort, and dedication, I progressed to become a section chief in the cutting department.

Tell us about your hobbies, what you do to stay positive, inspired, and energized?

As for hobbies, I enjoy outdoor sports. Especially when I'm feeling stressed, I love playing football with my son. I draw inspiration from my family and believe that everything will always turn out for the best. I try to replicate this mindset within my team.

How do you see the world and how you manage your relationships with others?

I always see the world in a positive light and as an opportunity for continual improvement. When it comes to relationships with others, I strive to maintain a calm demeanor and avoid conflicts with anyone.

Tell us about your workday/work routine. What functions do you perform and how do you manage them?

Review planning and establish priorities, organize materials and assess replenishment needs, oversee work to minimize the risk of errors. Additionally, I visit subcontracted companies to promptly resolve any arising issues.

What challenges do you face in managing your team, and how do you inspire positivity and attitude?

The greatest challenge lies in motivation because the differences in personality require me to adopt varied methods and strategies with each individual. I engage in conversations with them and endeavor to present alternative perspectives to enhance our productivity and efficiency. Despite the challenges, I believe I have been successful in this endeavor.

To be Ambitious is to be and do better, every day!


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