Meet The Team

30 May 2024



On the next entry of the "Meet the Team" series, we are joined by Elisabete Teixeira, whose incredible journey within Ambitious has led her to the role of Back Office. She is yet another example of ambition and resilience who has been with our team for several years. ⁠

With almost 15 years in the company, Elisabete is a fundamental pillar of our sales team, ensuring that clients receive their Ambitious' orders on time and in perfect conditions. She is also a force to be reckoned with and an inspiration to her colleagues. ⁠

Who are you? Tell us a bit about your story: where were you born, what were the values you grew up with, and how do you apply them in life in general and specifically in your work.

I am elisabete. I was born and raised in guimar„es, where i learned the values of respect, education, freedom, responsibility, and justice.

Tell us your story, Fred. How did you enter the footwear sector, and what has been your journey over the years at Ambitious?

In 2010, i joined Ambitious where i began an adventure that changed my life. I started as a receptionist, dealing with orders, material sourcing, and exportation.

Over the years, i grew with the company, achieving goals and overcoming obstacles. In 2015, i took on a new challenge and assumed back office functions, ensuring that each order received is followed up until it is delivered to our customers.

Tell us about your hobbies, what you do to stay positive, inspired, and energized?

Outside of work, i value spending time with my family, traveling, cinema, fashion, and interior decoration. I see the world as a global village, where each event is an opportunity for personal growth.

How do you see the world and how you manage your relationships with others?

Daily, i maintain open communication and am not indifferent to the problems of others. I face each challenge with hope and determination to end the day with a sense of accomplishment.

Tell us about your workday/work routine. What functions do you perform and how do you manage them?

In summary, my job starts with receiving orders and following up on them until they reach our customers. I have to respond to all requests from customers as well as our agents.

What challenges do you face in managing your team, and how do you inspire positivity and attitude?

My mission is to bring a positive attitude and show that, with dedication and empathy, we can make a difference. At ambitious, I found not just a career, but a way to contribute to a better world.



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