Haven: the new luxury

06 April 2020

Haven: the new luxury

Haven: the new luxury


Imagine a quiet place, a place of serenity, a place where you can escape all your worries and concerns. Can you imagine that? Venture into this place - whether physical or spiritual - and enjoy the things you value most, focusing solely on the essentials.

Our new line - HAVEN - incorporates the freedom of simplicity in a selection of models that combine functionality, comfort and a minimalist design, making the transition from street to beach simple.

This new luxury shares a special relationship with sustainability. For the production of the 8 models that make up the HAVEN line, we have integrated materials with a lower environmental impact, including recycled and responsibly-sourced materials, as well as REACH-certified fabrics and leather that uses up to 70% less water in its production processes.

Soft, durable, sustainable and luxurious leathers turned into shoes. Wonderfully handcrafted by the most talented artisans, all the products in this line are designed to avoid unnecessary industrial processes, while protecting traditional techniques.

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