Gift Guide for Minimalists
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13 December 2021

Gift Guide for Minimalists

Gift Guide for Minimalists

With personal style being a reflection of personality and individuality, it's easy to understand the wide range of tastes and interpretations that fashion must attend to. 

Despite the exponential growth of streetwear and the maximalism that it often brings to the table, with loud designs, colors and prints, there are those who will always favor a cleaner, more discreet approach.

This guide is for all those who embrace Minimalism as a way of life, because in the wise words of Van der Rohe "Less is more".

This full-leather version of our Rhome sneaker features a neutral color palette, comprise of blakc, white an grey. A perfect balance between a complex style that still portrays sophisticated elegance.

Our most iconic style is an ode to minimalism. ECLIPSE is a low-top sneaker with an ultra-light tonal rubber sole. This version has a small pop of color at the heel because minimal doesn't have to be boring.  

MARTIN is likely our most versatile sneaker. Monochromatic and available in 4 colorways and 2 different materials, it easily adapts to a multitude of styles.  

This all-white version of BUZZLIGHT presents a more detailed version of an essential sneaker. The mix of materials within the same color palette gives it a cool, yet sophisticated look. 

Last but not least, our ECLIPSE High-Top features all the same attributes from its low-top counterpart, adapted to colder months. Also available in Musk. 



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