04 December 2023



Christmas is upon us and with it the ongoing pursuit to find the perfect gift for the special people in our lives.

We know how challenging this can be, especially when forced to juggle all the hustle of our everyday lives and that is why we are creating a series of guides to make your life easier. Staying true to our name, we’re aiming to elevate these suggestions to something more than mere product listings and will instead provide you with different profiles and a look into their routines, preferences and tastes.

We’re sure than some of these profiles will resonate with those of the people you are looking to surprise this season, taking the guessing out of the equation. You can thank us later.

Our first entry is dedicated to the aspiring professionals: ambitious young men in the early stages of their careers, aiming to establish a reputation within the company while balancing their active, cosmopolitan and relaxed lifestyle.


Looking professional and put together has never been as important as in a post pandemic world. Leaving a first good impression and arriving at the office brimming with confidence are key fundamentals to start building a successful career. Here, we leave you a selection of office appropriate styles that will elevate your look while adapting to different levels of formality. Don’t forget, shoes are one of the first things your peers will notice when interacting with you, so make sure to give them something worth staring at.

BTR Bit Loafer
BIG Double Monk Shoe
BTR Mixed Brogues


We all know just how stressful work can get, so it’s important to blow off some steam for the sake of your body and mind. Padel has been one of the most hyped sports of recent years and for good reason. Head over to the court with a group of friends and nail those serves. Of course, don’t forget to gear up properly and never underestimate the power of an amazing pair of sneakers to distract your opponents and get some extra points.

RHOME Retro Runner
SILKY Runner Sneaker
HOVER Comfort Sneaker


Come the weekend and it’s time to make the most of your free time, so get up and enjoy what your city has to offer. Indulge in a brunch, go for a walk, check local exhibitions and see what bands will be playing later tonight. Head to the park or the outdoors to connect with nature and recharge batteries before heading back for another week.

ECLIPSE Lace Up Sneaker
TEMPLE Quilted Sneaker
COURT Desert Boot


Don’t forget to prioritize the special people in your life, despite your busy schedule. It’s all about programming in advance and making sure you provide them your full attention and a special time. World of advice? Don’t slouch. Dress up, look elegant, make an effort – it goes a long way and your partner will notice and thank you for it. Break down a suit with a pair of minimalist sneakers, or keep the whole look polished with a pair of sleek loafers or Chelsea boots.

MARTIN Clean Cut Sneaker
SANTI Chelsea Boot
CAYE Chelsea Boot

Our inaugural guide focuses on ambitious young professionals, blending career aspirations with a dynamic, cosmopolitan lifestyle. Let's make this season's gifting unforgettable!

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