On the runway of the 42nd Portugal Fashion

26 March 2018

On the runway of the 42nd Portugal Fashion

On the runway of the 42nd Portugal Fashion

On March 24, another edition of Portugal Fashion was held. One of the events of excellence of Portuguese fashion and where the proposals of some of the best Portuguese designers and brands are presented. We could not miss this edition that was our 6th consecutive presence. With a room full and curious to discover the proposals of the Portuguese footwear for the Fall-Winter 18, our proposals delighted the public present and therefore we could not have been more satisfied.

Shoes based on contemporary fashion, which include casual and casual sport, with a strong connection to clothing and fashion environments. This sophistication is accompanied by a simple design, with character, bold and at the same time discreet. Like other collections, they carry a unique and world-class concept. Over the years our ambition leads us to overcome the boundaries of design without ever losing the identity that characterizes AMBITIOUS.

Now it is time to wait for the next season, so we can spread fashion in the streets and delight our customers as we did during the show. The presentation of our collection Fall-Winter 18 is now completed and has gone through 3 countries and 5 different cities.

We'll have news soon, stay tuned!

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