On the Runway 44th Portugal Fashion
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18 March 2019

On the Runway 44th Portugal Fashion

On the Runway 44th Portugal Fashion
On March 16th marked our eighth presence at Portugal Fashion, an event that brings together some of the best Portuguese designers and brands. We presented our AW19 collection to a fully crowded room, eager to discover the proposals of Portuguese footwear for the upcoming season.

Having as its main theme the restlessness of contemporary society, our collection was inspired by the complexity of the world we live in and the desire to overcome adversity. To overcome these challenges it is often necessary to wear a mask that makes us feel more powerful and better prepared to face the reality of the contemporary world. We materialized this concept through active color blends, strong contrasts, dynamic and energetic designs and attentio to details. Combined with the nostalgia of the classics, this collection also results in an unexpected interpretation of casual lines and dark winter tones, with vivid and fluorescent notes that evoke our bold and contemporary spirit.

Boldness, distinction and authenticity translate the Ambitious Winter 19-20 Fall Winter Collection.

Stay tuned for more news!

Be Ambitious.



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