On the Runway 43rd Portugal Fashion

26 October 2018

On the Runway 43rd Portugal Fashion

On the Runway 43rd Portugal Fashion

On October 20th, another edition of Portugal Fashion was held. It was our 7th consecutive presence in what is one of the most important events of Portuguese fashion. We were once again side by side with the best creators and Portuguese brands at Alf‚ndega do Porto Building.

With a room full and curious to discover the proposals from Portuguese footwear brands for Spring Summer 19, our collection dazzed the audience and once again exceeded the critics expectations. We could not be happier.

Marked by avant-garde design and sporty silhouettes, the proposals for the next season materialize a streetwear aesthetic, materialized through the reinvention of both casual and sophisticated styles. The collection features silhouettes that offer a more progressive look to men's footwear and emphasize the our technical know-how of without compromising our DNA.

This 43rd edition of Portugal Fashion also marked an exclusive debut. You no longer have to wait for the next season to get your hands on our latest styles. By the end of October the models presented will be available for pre-order. We'll give exclusive and temporary access to our SS19 collection and our clients can have the most coveted shoes before everyone else.

The presentation of our collection Spring Summer 19 is now completed after going through 3 countries and 5 different cities.

Soon we'll have more news, stay tuned!

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