Introducing: Silky High-Top
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25 October 2022

Introducing: Silky High-Top

Introducing: Silky High-Top
Our SILKY runners have become one of the most successful styles in our collections. Their retro silhouette, adapted to modern times, combined with unique combinations of materials and exclusive colors, make it the ideal choice for the everyday endeavors of many of our customers.

As such, it made perfect sense to consider adapting the model to the autumn/winter season, changing it to an ankle boot model that maintains the main characteristics of the runner version.

The rubber sole with a track-like outsole carries over, as do the combinations of technical fabric, leather and suede uppers. The rear spoiler ensures greater stability, and the shaft now features a technical padded fabric for greater comfort. Laces are inspired by mountaineering boots, as well as metallic eyelets.

The Silky High-Top is now available in 4 colors! Find them here



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