Introducing: Rhome

24 March 2020

Introducing: Rhome

Introducing: Rhome

Introducing RHOME, the latest addition to our contemporary sneaker collection. A classic silhouette that combines technical know-how and Olympic inspiration to create an exclusive sneaker. The design is inspired by "track-and-field" athletic models, combined with new production methodologies and technologies.

Developed during the period of isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Rhome gave us the opportunity to stop and look back, drawing inspiration from Rome's 1960 Olympic Games. RHOME brings the essence of the Olympic spirit to our daily lives, reminding us of the importance of determination and focus on our personal achievements.

Fashion meets sports: the lightweight construction, suede and nylon uppers, breathable Coolmax lining, flexible EVA sole and track soles made from recycled materials stand out. Available in a variety of color combinations, RHOME is one of our new entries for the season.



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