Gift Guide - Timeless Styles
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20 November 2022

Gift Guide - Timeless Styles

Gift Guide - Timeless Styles

As Christmas approaches, there is also pressure to find the perfect gift, which is not always a simple task, especially if we consider the variety of differentiating models that Ambitious presents.

As such, to help you find the ideal gift, we have created these Gift Guides where we will present a selection from our collection, always organized according to different styles and occasions.

The first, focuses on timeless models, those that withstood the passing of time and earn their place in every men's wardrobe, suffering only minor aesthetic and functional updates without compromising their essence.


This style has survived over 200 years of fashion and trends to take its place as one of the most versatile men's shoes. Its most distinctive feature is that the eyelets are sewn on top of the vamp, instead of being applied directly to it.

They can be easily combined with jeans or chinos for a relaxed but sophisticated look, or with more polished outfits, never forgetting that this model is originally a more relaxed style. They are the perfect fusion of formal and casual that never compromises on a day-to-day basis.

Top to bottom:  BTR Brogue Derby, Pinka Derby and Airen Derby.


Despite their more functionally focused origins believed to be linked to Native American tribes, the loafer has become a symbol of masculine elegance. Its level of formality largely depends on the shape, materials and details, and may be appropriate for use with more formal looks, but equally adaptable to much more relaxed versions. This model has been the choice of actors and celebrities over the years, who have increased its popularity, such as James Dean, Elvis, Michael Jackson, among others.

Top to bottom: 1 — inspiration from Pitti Uomo; 2 —  Pinka Loafers


We have already covered the origins of this iconic model on a previous post, so here are a few suggestions of styles ranging from the most classic to the most relaxed.

Top to bottom: 1 — Edi Chelsea Boots; 2 — Pinka Chelsea Boots; 3 — Airen Chelsea Boots 



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