Gift Guide for the Modern Gentleman
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07 December 2021

Gift Guide for the Modern Gentleman

Gift Guide for the Modern Gentleman
Choosing the perfect gift is no easy task, especially when the person receiving it has a very refined taste. 
To make this process easier, we've put together a selection of potential goods for the Modern Gentleman.  

DENIS is a contemporary interpretation of the iconic Chelsea Boot and an essential style in every gentleman's wardrobe. This version is slightly chunkier and features an extra light rubber sole and rounded toe. The grained leather is a unique touch that adds a casual but polished look.

SLOW is a hybrid sneaker that merges elements from classic footwear with the comfort of an everyday sneaker. Its sleek silhouette with several leather elements in navy and brown, make it an ideal choice for semi-formal environments that do not require more classic footwear.

PINKA is a more traditional version of the Chelsea boot and a great option to put your brogues and oxfords to rest in more formal looks. Contrary to common belief, one can wear a suit with boots and still look dashing, and Chelsea boots are the way to do it. Its elongated silhouette make it especially elegant, but they can easily be paired with denim or chinos. 

Martin is the epitome of minimalistic sneakers and a style that even classic shoe lovers cannot resist. Its timeless design featuring full leather uppers and tonal rubber sole, make it one of the most versatile styles in our collection. A perfect combination for a more casual look, or to break down the formality of a suit. 



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