Gift Guide for Outdoor Lovers
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15 December 2021

Gift Guide for Outdoor Lovers

Gift Guide for Outdoor Lovers
If there was ever a time when we started valuing nature and the outdoors, 2020 was definitely it. The COVID-19 lockdowns changed our way of living and left us eager to enjoy our freedom and connection with nature. For many, it was a wake up call that helped them better understand all those who already spent most of their time outdoors, exploring and enjoying nature. 
This Gift Guide is dedicated to all outdoor lovers and those who thrive on finding new paths. 

Kicking things off is AKITA, a hiking-inspired boot. This version features a rubber commando sole with camouflage effect, as well as full-leather uppers with patina effect. Traditional d-ring metallic eylets and hiking laces complete the look.

BORDER is a robust boot featuring leather uppers with suede and fabric detailing to create a unique aesthetic. The ISI LIGHT sole provides it inimitable comfort and lightness.

DOC is a one-of-a-kind loafer, with a very unique sole that allows them to go where no loafer has gone before. Made from transparent rubber, this commando sole makes DOC an elegant alternative to the range of boots on display. 

EDI is a contemporary Chelsea Boot with an expressive sole made from ultra-light rubber. This version features suede uppers with a waxed effect and a rubbery panel at the heel.   

With a casual look that perfectly adapts to the outdoors, the EDI Lace-UP are made from suede with a waxed effect at the front and sides. The ultra-light rubber sole makes them extremely comfortable even after wearing them for several hours. 



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