Ambitious at the 50th Moda Lisboa

13 March 2018

Ambitious at the 50th Moda Lisboa

Ambitious at the 50th Moda Lisboa

On 8, 10, 10 and 11 March, another edition of ModaLisboa was held and Ambitious made its debut in the fashion week of the Portuguese capital. We were present in two different ways but in both cases the main goal was to provide a sneak peek into our Fall-Winter 18 Collection.

Throughout the event we were present at the Wonder Room at the footwear show carried out by APICCAPS that brought to the event some of the best national shoe brands.

But the surprises were reserved for the 10th, Saturday, the day we joined the young designer Patrick de PŠdua in the presentation of his Fall-Winter 18 Collection with the theme "Let me breathe". It was a partnership that made us proud and from which the feed-back could not have been better. (video here)

We are happy and proud of this presence that we hope will be the first of many.

Very little time is left for the presentation of our collection. It will be March 24th at 5pm in the city of Porto.

News coming soon, stay tuned.

Be Ambitious

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