Ambitious at Pitti Uomo 101

18 January 2022

Ambitious at Pitti Uomo 101

Ambitious at Pitti Uomo 101
We started 2022 with another edition of the biggest menswear fair in the industry, Pitti Uomo, in Florence. An edition marked by the slow return to normality and a greater number of brands and exhibitors. It is a privilege for us to present our FW22 collection at such a globally renowned event. Our Fall-Winter 2022 collection, called "INTERSECTIONS", revolves around the reinvention and adaptation of the classics to modern times, bringing together past and future.

By updating artisan techniques, patterns and fabrics we crafted intersections between past and future, merging different types of footwear to find the right balance between minimalism and maximalism. Stacked with textured and aged-looking leathers, the collection is backed up with winter sports details and nature-inspired patterns, finding refuge in quilted looks, hairy textures and cozy fabrics.



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